Do Lectures – or how to change the world while freezing your butt!

I’ve heard about David Hieatt while reading Dumbo feather and I’m glad I did. He’s my kind of hero!

This chap has been around the traps a fair bit: he’s an entrepreneur, a designer, makes sustainable jeans manufactured in Wales with his wife, Clare – he’s an ideas man. I’m completely fascinated by his latest project, the Do Lectures, which he also organises with his wife.

Basically, every year, David and Clare invite a bunch of awesome creative people to talk about what they do. This takes place in a pretty remote part of West Wales in Fforest over a weekend during which people get to camp, eat together, share ideas and get inspired by the journeys others have taken. It’s a bit like a festival of ideas, a magical haven for doers. Now, the background of the talkers can be really varied: there’s people that are into ingenuous ideas to protect the environment, people that are into poetry, bicycles, micro-lending, natural births or even knitting!

Or, there could be someone talking about their passion of making traditional sourdough bread, such as Tom Herbert from England. I’ve watched his video and let me tell you, even though I had never baked a loaf of bread in my life, I was instantly determined to master this ancient skill.

His enthusiasm was so infectious that I did end up making my own sourdough starter a few days later and I now regularly bake a nice crusty loaf at the weekend. So, this offers an insight into how powerful the Do Lectures can be… and I didn’t even make the trip to Wales!

What I like about David Hieatt’s philosophy is that, according to him, it’s never too late to do what you really love doing. In fact, the Do Lectures are so motivational, it turns out that some UK companies have stopped sending their staff there because they end up losing them as a result. Attendees will often quit their job to do what interests them most and usually work for themselves.

So, if you too are in need of a change, if you think you are ready to jump into the next phase of your life, then you might find yourself deep in the Welsh countryside, freezing your butt off… but glowing inside.

Here’s some information about Do lectures or what to do if you know someone you’d like to nominate as a presenter. Apparently, there’s now another event taking place in California in September 2013, for the freezing-averse.