An ode to the world of Laina Briedis

©Laina Briedis

I’m feeling so very Autumny at the moment. This wood-scented air is giving me strange compulsions to walk on crackling orange leaves, to go mushroom-picking, to crochet a warm blanket for my bed (of course) or to bury my head in a sweet-smelling basket of apples.

Talking of which, if you happen to have like me this strangle apple-smelling urge, the chances are you’ll probably fall in love with the photography of Laina Briedis. It feels like her photos have often been taken on gentle Autumn afternoons (or maybe I’m just obsessed). Her universe is full of apple orchards, seriously cute bunnies, pine cone patterns and characters being at peace with nature. There’s even green branches wrapping themselves around people in a delicate hug (maybe it’s what the reverse of tree-hugging would look like). I love the idea of being loved and embraced by Nature. It’s a feeling that I often sense during hiking.

©Laina Briedis

There’s a kind of fairy-tale, childlike quality to her photographs, which tranports you to this place in your distant memory. A time when you knew in your heart that animals could talk and the wind on your face would make you want to run down the hill and make that hidden cubby-house under the trees.

Each of her beautiful images tells a story and if it sounds like one of yours, well, you can head to her etsy shop and order prints online.

Time for me to meet my daughter outside for a leaf fight. She’s gonna get it!!!

PS: I have ordered prints through Laina’s etsy shop before and she’s an abolute delight. She’s happy to do custom listings for you and she’s super efficient. I only have sweet words to say about Laina.