I’ve got a secret, a secret, a secret!

Harmony wool by Queenandfox
Harmony wool, a photo by Queenandfox on Flickr.

The great thing about crochet is that you can treat your loved ones with something made with your imagination and busy fingers. Something that comes straight from the heart.

I’m in a great state of anticipation at the moment because I have just spotted the perfect wool (see above) for my best friend, Julie. She has a special birthday coming up and I’m going to surprise her. She happens to spend a bit of time on her bike going to work and has just lost the mittens that I bought her last year. And, we can’t have her going around freezing her fingers, besides we need to keep her looking swift and stylish! So, I am going to replace them for her using a pattern I have followed before to make some for my daughter. Here they are:

Fingerless gloves by Queenandfox
Fingerless gloves, a photo by Queenandfox on Flickr.

These mittens were an absolute hit with my daughter Lana. She wears them all the time! And I made them using multicoloured yarn that Mum brought from France, which happens to be the very yarn which Mum had used to teach Lana how to do her first knit stitch. So, it always brings great memories to my mind whenever Lana wears these. It was a Christmas holiday that definitely ended up stitching the three generations together. The bond was already there, but learning how to knit and crochet from Mum made those ties even stronger somehow.

Anyhow, I’m thrilled with the tones of this new Harmony wool I picked up for Julie and with a name like this I had to get it for her. She is a bit of a pocket rocket, so hopefully this zen-ish name will soothe her somewhat.

More pics to follow, hopefully soon!