How my passion for crochet started

Mums-bag by Queenandfox
Mums-bag, a photo by Queenandfox on Flickr.

A couple of years ago, my Mum was getting ready to travel from France to visit us here in Melbourne and spend Christmas with us. And, as I mentioned before, Mum is pretty crafty and I told her how much everyone comments on what she makes, especially a couple of handmade bags that she knitted for me and my daughter. I told her: “Mum, can you show us how to knit and how did you make that little flower, was that crochet?”.

So, she brought all her tools over, some yarn and left-over material and she started showing my daughter how to do a simple knit-stitch and she showed me the same stitch and the purl stitch.  That went well, but I still wanted more from her. I seem to not really connect with straight knitting. “How about that beautiful blue blanket you made for Dylan (my son)?” I asked her. She said that I would need to learn crochet to do that. So, she started showing me how to do my first granny square. It was so hard, in the beginning. I had no idea, it seemed like decyphering an old parchment to me at first.

Then, I got it. And while I was getting the hang of it and perfecting my simple granny square skills, Mum got inspired and started getting an idea for a new bag. So, she used the yarn that was hanging around and leftover bits from one of her old dresses and she made the bag you can see in the above photo. She left it to me as a gift and once she was gone, it gave me a challenge. I was determined to reproduce what she had made!

I ended up making the same square with different combinations of colours. And I made enough so I could turn it into a scarf for my daughter. It was the first garment I ever made using crochet. The squares were not exactly even, so I did have to cheat and add extra edging to some. I also had to work out how to do fringes, as it was a strong requirement coming from my daughter! It took me ages to finish, as I was not very experienced, but I was pretty proud by the end of it. Lana loves it too and Mum was super amazed.  This square is kind of a special family pattern now. I hope Lana uses it one day, maybe for her own kids – that would be cool!

Do you also have a special sentimental attachment to a project you’ve made or a pattern that was passed on to you from older generations? It would be great to hear your stories.

Granny square scarf