turkish “oya” crochet necklace

I’m definitely adding this gorgeous crochet necklace to my to-do list. My best friend’s birthday is coming up and it will fit exactly with her style, so can’t wait to get started!!! A big thanks to JaKiGu for sharing this!


I am trying something new.

Turkish Crochet Necklace by JaKiGu

I came across this crochet technique when browsing the Internet for nursing necklaces – child-safe pieces of jewelry that make the mama feel pretty while offering adequate entertainment and visual stimulation to the child she’s nursing.

Turkish Crochet Necklace by JaKiGu

In its pure form, oya lace is in fact a form of needle lace, and is most often found adorning edges of scarfs – along with a lot of tiny beads. But I found plenty of crochet versions – and they inspired me. This is my interpretation of Turkish oya lace and how it could work as part of a nursing necklace.

Turkish Crochet Necklace by JaKiGu

Almost all of the nursing necklaces I found contained either a plastic, metal, or wooden ring that was crocheted over. The idea of plastic or metal doesn’t really appeal much to me, and even though an unfinished wooden ring would be fine, the hassle of having to…

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An owl moment

Owl moment by Queenandfox

…is what my daughter, Lana, was having yesterday. It’s school holidays here in Melbourne, so she is getting her little fingers busy with different crafty projects. She has a few on the go, just like me – telle mère, telle fille!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, I turned around and here she was handing me over this gorgeous little cross-stitched owl. She did this all by herself and given that last time she had any cross-stitching instructions was back in January, when my Mum was with us, I WAS very impressed. It puts a smile on my face when I see my little girl, following in the footsteps of her grandma. So, we put a nice light-brown piece of yarn through the top and she now wears it as a necklace.

If you are interested, you can pick up these wooden frames in any Spotlight stores in Australia. They are made by Make it. And I reckon they make a lovely birthday gift, don’t you think?

How to crochet the perfect poncho

Poncho-project by Queenandfox
Poncho-project, a photo by Queenandfox on Flickr.

This is a little project which I have started a few weeks ago. My little girl is hanging out to wear this deliciously comfy and colourful poncho. I have decided to use a multicoloured type of yarn, so I don’t even have to change colours for each row. Wasn’t that cunning of me? It’s not that I’m lazy, but what the hell, a little bit of time-saving doesn’t hurt, does it? Plus, I just fell in love with this wool.

This pattern is really super easy to follow and was passed on to me by my lovely crochet buddy, Jacinta. All tyou have to do is create a chain, then slip-stitch it. This creates your head opening. Then, you carry on with your pattern of trebbles (or double-crochet), until you reach the desired length. You can make a nice little edging at the end to finish it off. Or, if you are into fringes like my daughter is (she’s a bit of a Pocahontas afficionada), the go for it!

You’ll find all the instructions and a super handy pattern chart on this article by Le Monde de Sucrette. Very worth browsing through her other articles too. And in case you ‘re wondering, I have used a Cleckheaton California yarn (colour Storm) – 100% wool.

Hope you too have a lovely time making this. I’d love you to send me pictures of some of your creations. Ariba, ariba!